Red Wines

2021 Vintage Report

Vintage 2021 was the first of the latest La Niña and followed on from the devastating bush fires of 2018 and 2020, as a result it was lovely to have fruit in the winery. The 2021 season was late getting started with budburst in mid-October.
Spring was cool and long following on from some substantial snow in the winter of 2020. Summer temperatures were constantly in the early to mid 20s with rain and thunderstorms keeping everyone busy and brining challenging growing conditions.
Fortunately, as veraison commenced the inclement weather abated, resulting in a cool but exciting year. Overall, excellent year for sparkling, still whites and elegant Pinot Noir. Late warmth enabled the merlot and Cabernet Franc reach maturity making the ‘F’ and ‘M’ elegant and floral blends that will cellar well into the next decade.


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